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    Total Miner: Forge

    If anyone out there has this fun indie game. I wanted to ask you a question about dig deep. So I have a sucessful RPG (Roleplaying) server with my friends where you get jobs such as miner or lumber jack you sell the supplies and build houses on lots and can rent rooms in hotels and much more. Though we are missing 2 IMPORTANT blue prints which are locked doors and boards to write messages on. I wanted to ask if you guys know a fast way to gain blueprints because all the servers that are RPG's have all blue prints and we wanted to know if there is like a faster way to gain them or are these people all just doing it legitly?


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    Re: Total Miner: Forge

    I can find them for you if you want? All you need to do is the wood/door glitch to get some money for a diamond pickaxe then go get them.

    I forget but does dig deep have the blue arrow pointing towards the blueprints?

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