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    Skyrim modding tool

    will there be a skyrim tool released, it would be great even if it just had a weight editor so you could carry unlimited items/ alot more

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    Re: Skyrim modding tool

    It's been requested before, so the Developers could be working on a tool.
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    Re: Skyrim modding tool

    I heard something, whether it is true or not I don't know, but that Cheater has already started mapping out the skyrim save. Though I think it has to be done in the same fashion as MW3. But who knows, maybe, maybe not. I really do hope so.

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    Re: Skyrim modding tool

    Awhile back when this was first request Cheater said that he would be working on one but no exact time of completion would be given because of how complex the saves are compiled. Also why don't you just request for you save to be modded in the skyrim section.

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