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    How to Mod Fifa 11 Overall 99+ (Horizon tut)

    USB Flash Drive/ Or Transfer Cable
    Some type of Modding Experience

    XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon


    Plug in your USB Flash drive into the Xbox. Go to Memory > And click on the HDD. Find Fifa.

    Go down until you find your Personal Settings 1. Click on it and go down to move to > USB Flash drive.

    Let it move then unplug the USB stick and plug it into your computer. Open Horizon and go to Device Explorer. Find your device and go down to Games and click on Fifa 11 > personal settings 1

    Double click on it and this window should pop up.

    Go to Stats and Physical and click on Max Physical skills.

    Then go to position skills and do the same thing "Max position skills"

    Now click on save and it should say 'Saved Rehashed, Resigned, and saved to device"

    Now you have successfully modded the player overall to 99+

    **Don't change the height, weight, or position or it will mess the entire thing up**
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