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    Install a game into USB drive using Horizon


    My Red Dead Redemption game DVD is scratched and hence installation is failing to USB pen drive through XBOX 360 dashboard...

    Is there any way to install the game from ISO to USB pen drive using horizon tool in PC..??
    I have backed up the DVD previously..

    Anyways game is booting properly when run through DVD only(without installing) but after certain levels I am getting "CANT READ DISC" Error... So I need to install using Horizon+ISO in PC and start the game through DVD in XBOX 360 and use the game installed on USB drive to run..

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    Re: Install a game into USB drive using Horizon

    This is not possible, if you tried it, it would say you need to be on the Console which installed the game. Only because it uses the CPU Key, so if it doesn't match, it won't work.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Re: Install a game into USB drive using Horizon

    Yes...You are correct... I installed COD: Black Ops to USB drive which is working fine...
    In horizon tool>Games folder..The status of this title is shown as INSTALLED. Properties of this title had a DEVICE ID with rest of the things as null...

    I used ISO2GOD tool to convert RDR to GOD format and Injected into GAMES folder...But the properties has null fields even in Device id...I tried to copy the device ID got from COD:BO to this RDR title...But it is un-editable...If only, I could add the device ID...I think this might work...
    How to make the properties field editable upon right clicking on the title in GAMES folder??

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    So i have to change the iso file to a god file to do this? Ive downloaded a game on my PC and i want it on my xbox but i dont have a dual layer burner can some one help please.

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    Please don't bump old threads. If you have questions regarding the same topic create a new one.


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