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    How to install COD4 & Host ~ With a list of patch

    Hi all, alot of people seem to get so confused over this, so I'm deciding to make a guide!

    First of all, I'm doing this for the benefit of you guys, so I'd appreciate it if you could take your time to simply thank the topic & give me some feedback.

    Okay so first of all, you will need to download the following:


    Here is the download link for all of those files put into one folder:


    Here is what the folder will look like once you've downloaded it:

    And here is what you will see once it's opened :

    Now, for the process it's self!


    Step 1) Go to XeX Menu on your JTAGGED Console, and go to "Games", hit "Y" and create a new folder, name this folder "COD 4".


    Step 2) Click "Y" and click "Copy DVD" and then your disc tray will open, put in your COD 4 disc, and push in the disc Manually and then after roughly 5 seconds, hit confirm, then give it a few minutes/hours to burn to your hard drive.


    Step 3) Now you have COD 4 on your jtag, in it's own folder, get a USB flash drive, and plug it into a computer, make sure there's nothing else on the USB stick for simplicity of the process, but Drag & Drop the "COD 4 FILES" (Patch_Mp.FF, Default_Mp.Xex, & Code_Post_Gfx_Mp) onto your USB flash drive.


    Step 4) Now you have those on a USB, simply go to XeX Menu > USB > Click "Y" and Copy the Patch_Mp.ff, go to COD 4 folder, paste it in, then go back to USB, and click "Y" again, but this time your going to want to copy "CODE_POST_GFX_MP" and then simply go back to COD 4 and click "Y" then paste it in, and simply do the same with the Default_Mp.XEX, Go back to USB, click "Y" > Copy, then COD 4 folder, then paste that in again.


    [align=center]Your done! Launch Default_Mp.Xex to host your lobby, & best of luck in the future with your COD 4 Lobby buisness![/align]


    Some CoD 4 patches, with Credits to there respectful owners.

    Cod4 Package - Link

    Cod4 ProMod - Link

    Cod Jumper Patch - Link

    Cod4 11th Prestige Patch with default_mp.xex - Link

    Sean170693's Cod4 Unlock all 11th Prestige Patch -http://www.mediafire...ctk8gj8uua7sshx

    Sean170693's Cod4 Everything Unlocked 10th Patch -http://www.mediafire...vgpzn06255fc0k6

    Violated - Link

    Cheez - Link

    Lee 0312 Patch- Link

    supercarman'z instant 10th everything unlocked Patch- Link

    supercarman'z golden gunz Patch- Link

    supercarman'z Title Update- Link

    MsGoRaPiiDzx v1- Link[/center]
    Got from jake
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    Re: How to install COD4 & Host ~ With a list of patch

    Copy + Paste?
    Check out my Dawnguard Thread Here

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    Re: How to install COD4 & Host ~ With a list of patch

    Lmao wow Link
    Im here

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    Re: How to install COD4 & Host ~ With a list of patch


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