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    Ruby How to Mod Zombies Using *Xero*

    You need Xero:Link

    1. Open up xero, then click black ops gpd editor and open your gpd(41560855.gpd).

    2. Delete everything that is already in the 3 boxes in xero except for the first line which should be
    set gpad_buttonsconfig "null"

    3. Binds are used to bind buttons to commands. For example binding the X button to give all, which would give you all the weapons on the map.

    4. The code for that would be...
    bind button_x give all

    If you want god mode you could do...
    bind dpad_right god

    5. Lets say you wanted to do more than one thing at a time, like giving your self 2 weapons(galil and m16) you would do this:
    bind dpad_left "give galil_zm;give m16_zm;"
    This would give you galil and m16 when you press left on the dpad.

    6. lets say you wanted to toggle something, be able to change a setting while playing. For example the gamespeed, you would type:
    bind dpad_up "toggle timescale .5 1 2"
    This would make it so that each time you press up on the dpad it would change from a 1 timescale to a 2 timescale to a .5 timescale and then recyle.

    7. If you wanted something to be set and constant through out the whole game like your sprint speed you would type:
    set g_speed 450
    This would set your sprint speed to 450(fast) without you having to press a button or anything.

    8. So now you finished your simple gpd:
    set dpad_buttonsconfig "null"
    set g_speed 450
    bind button_x give all
    bind dpad_up god
    bind dpad_down "give galil_zm;give m16_zm;"
    bind dpad_left "toggle timescale .5 1 2"

    All you have to do now is to Rehash and resign and inject in into your profile.

    Credits: -Sox- from TTG
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    Re: How to Mod Zombies Using *Xero*

    there are plenty of threads like this but still good post none the less


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    Re: How to Mod Zombies Using *Xero*

    Even after patch? Online also? Highly Bannable amirite?

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