Hi there. Back in the previous version of horizon's tool for Yu-Gi-Oh Decade Duels, you had a deck editor, but that got removed in the updated version for Decade Duels Plus. Is there any chance of us seeing another deck editor released? I've tried messing around with hex, but I'm a complete newb at that and got nowhere fast.

In the update came cards that you can't even use due to a banlist, which I understand the purpose of, since I used to play competitively irl, but since there's not even an option to disable the banlist for casual games against the CPU. It'd be amazing if there could be another deck editor for this game (preferably sorted alphabetically this time ;P) but I'm not too optimistic as it's been a while since release now. I've noticed other people with the same interests in modding this and we've tried working together, but alas we didn't manage to edit cards in and out of our decks. Any chance the tool could be updated or you could point me in the right direction to editing it myself?