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    Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    I wanted to know if anyone could help with trying to Mod this Game. I'm not savvy enough to figure things out, but I tried to gather as Much info As I Could before asking.

    It seems the PC community is able to mod entire decks and DLC into the Steam Version of the Game. I found that Putting my Save file from my 360 into Horizon and Extracting the File within, That i get the Same Deck information that i see from the PC counterparts.

    What Info I Have:
    • The Save has A Checksum. PC users are using 32-bit FNV-1
    • The Sealed card Pool seems to Have 150 cards
    • It may Be Possible to add addtional Sealed Deck Slots without Purchasing them

    I'd try the hash Generator but I don't know how to Utilize CMD prompt. I will attempt to learn more about the CMD prompt Hash Generator in hopes that it works for 360 saves.

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Nevermind Folks, I tried some things and got it to Work. It seems all that's Necessary is to Extract the File from the CON, Edit, reinsert, and rehash. lol

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Wait, how exactly did you do it? And what exactly did you edit?
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    Apparently, Dale decided to be a **** and enable it for me, and just me. Every time I view a page, the song Friday starts playing. Over, and over, and over.

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    When You extract the Save.Data File you'll see your Sealed Decks Name. Shortly after that you'll see your Cards in Hex format. ex. 32 01 33 01 59 01 . The "01" are cards in your Hand, the "02" are cards in your Pool. the Number before the ones and twos is the Card. I made a full deck of Baloths just to see if it was working. I also have some "FF 00" in there too. I'm going to assume they are place holders until i unlock the booster packs from beating the Sealed Campaign

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Can we get a list of know cards and their hex equivalent?

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Quote Originally Posted by Jahck37 View Post
    Can we get a list of know cards and their hex equivalent?
    Sure, Found this List extracted from the Steam version of the Game, its all in Demical, just convert the deckOrderID to hex via a hex calculator

    <CARD name="MASTER_OF_DIVERSION_345260" deckOrderId="0" />
    <CARD name="SENTINEL_SLIVER_349071" deckOrderId="1" />
    <CARD name="SUNTAIL_HAWK_350211" deckOrderId="2" />
    <CARD name="GRIFFIN_SENTINEL_345304" deckOrderId="3" />
    <CARD name="CHARGING_GRIFFIN_345253" deckOrderId="4" />
    <CARD name="PILLARFIELD_OX_345291" deckOrderId="5" />
    <CARD name="DAWNSTRIKE_PALADIN_337964" deckOrderId="6" />
    <CARD name="PACIFISM_348473" deckOrderId="7" />
    <CARD name="MIGHTY_LEAP_345345" deckOrderId="8" />
    <CARD name="SOLEMN_OFFERING_345357" deckOrderId="9" />
    <CARD name="SAFE_PASSAGE_345353" deckOrderId="10" />
    <CARD name="STAVE_OFF_348515" deckOrderId="11" />
    <CARD name="MARITIME_GUARD_345318" deckOrderId="12" />
    <CARD name="TRAINED_CONDOR_357880" deckOrderId="13" />
    <CARD name="ARCHAEOMANCER_345282" deckOrderId="14" />
    <CARD name="FAERIE_INVADERS_345286" deckOrderId="15" />
    <CARD name="HARBOR_SERPENT_345288" deckOrderId="16" />
    <CARD name="UNSUMMON_350224" deckOrderId="17" />
    <CARD name="SCROLL_THIEF_349868" deckOrderId="18" />
    <CARD name="ESSENCE_SCATTER_345285" deckOrderId="19" />
    <CARD name="DIVINATION_350220" deckOrderId="20" />
    <CARD name="TRICKS_OF_THE_TRADE_345296" deckOrderId="21" />
    <CARD name="DISORIENT_345369" deckOrderId="22" />
    <CARD name="FROST_BREATH_345303" deckOrderId="23" />
    <CARD name="TORMENTED_SOUL_351061" deckOrderId="24" />
    <CARD name="RAVENOUS_RATS_350077" deckOrderId="25" />
    <CARD name="GIANT_SCORPION_345371" deckOrderId="26" />
    <CARD name="BLOODHUNTER_BAT_345327" deckOrderId="27" />
    <CARD name="ROTTING_LEGION_350128" deckOrderId="28" />
    <CARD name="MINOTAUR_ABOMINATION_345270" deckOrderId="29" />
    <CARD name="TASTE_OF_BLOOD_350232" deckOrderId="30" />
    <CARD name="MURDER_349841" deckOrderId="31" />
    <CARD name="ASSASSINATE_345314" deckOrderId="32" />
    <CARD name="MARK_OF_THE_VAMPIRE_345289" deckOrderId="33" />
    <CARD name="SIGN_IN_BLOOD_349842" deckOrderId="34" />
    <CARD name="DISTRESS_345302" deckOrderId="35" />
    <CARD name="STRIKING_SLIVER_349070" deckOrderId="36" />
    <CARD name="GOBLIN_SHORTCUTTER_349839" deckOrderId="37" />
    <CARD name="BLUR_SLIVER_349068" deckOrderId="38" />
    <CARD name="REGATHAN_FIRECAT_348413" deckOrderId="39" />
    <CARD name="MARAUDING_MAULHORN_345280" deckOrderId="40" />
    <CARD name="BONEBREAKER_GIANT_350215" deckOrderId="41" />
    <CARD name="GOBLIN_WAR_PAINT_345372" deckOrderId="42" />
    <CARD name="SHOCK_348966" deckOrderId="43" />
    <CARD name="TECTONIC_RIFT_349870" deckOrderId="44" />
    <CARD name="SLAUGHTER_CRY_345308" deckOrderId="45" />
    <CARD name="ACT_OF_TREASON_345326" deckOrderId="46" />
    <CARD name="TURN_TO_SLAG_369535" deckOrderId="47" />
    <CARD name="DEADLY_RECLUSE_349837" deckOrderId="48" />
    <CARD name="BRINDLE_BOAR_345328" deckOrderId="49" />
    <CARD name="PREDATORY_SLIVER_349078" deckOrderId="50" />
    <CARD name="RUMBLING_BALOTH_349365" deckOrderId="51" />
    <CARD name="ADVOCATE_OF_THE_BEAST_345256" deckOrderId="52" />
    <CARD name="YAVIMAYA_WURM_345323" deckOrderId="53" />
    <CARD name="FOG_345340" deckOrderId="54" />
    <CARD name="GIANT_GROWTH_350199" deckOrderId="55" />
    <CARD name="RAMPANT_GROWTH_348501" deckOrderId="56" />
    <CARD name="PLUMMET_350231" deckOrderId="57" />
    <CARD name="OAKENFORM_350249" deckOrderId="58" />
    <CARD name="HUNT_THE_WEAK_337960" deckOrderId="59" />
    <CARD name="TERRAMORPHIC_EXPANSE_349017" deckOrderId="60" />
    <CARD name="WAR_PRIEST_OF_THUNE_345366" deckOrderId="61" />
    <CARD name="SPIRIT_MANTLE_345358" deckOrderId="62" />
    <CARD name="ROC_EGG_345351" deckOrderId="63" />
    <CARD name="HEALER_OF_THE_PRIDE_337950" deckOrderId="64" />
    <CARD name="SERRA_ANGEL_345354" deckOrderId="65" />
    <CARD name="STAFF_OF_THE_SUN_MAGUS_350100" deckOrderId="66" />
    <CARD name="FIEND_HUNTER_337856" deckOrderId="67" />
    <CARD name="CONDEMN_369531" deckOrderId="68" />
    <CARD name="WHITE_KNIGHT_369521" deckOrderId="69" />
    <CARD name="TURN_TO_FROG_345311" deckOrderId="70" />
    <CARD name="SLEEP_337899" deckOrderId="71" />
    <CARD name="PHANTASMAL_DRAGON_349229" deckOrderId="72" />
    <CARD name="BELLTOWER_SPHINX_345301" deckOrderId="73" />
    <CARD name="GLIMPSE_THE_FUTURE_369536" deckOrderId="74" />
    <CARD name="STAFF_OF_THE_MIND_MAGUS_350095" deckOrderId="75" />
    <CARD name="SWITCHEROO_369534" deckOrderId="76" />
    <CARD name="MASTER_THIEF_350230" deckOrderId="77" />
    <CARD name="FOG_BANK_369525" deckOrderId="78" />
    <CARD name="COWER_IN_FEAR_350103" deckOrderId="79" />
    <CARD name="VAMPIRE_NIGHTHAWK_369527" deckOrderId="80" />
    <CARD name="SENGIR_VAMPIRE_345379" deckOrderId="81" />
    <CARD name="RISE_FROM_THE_GRAVE_349270" deckOrderId="82" />
    <CARD name="PUBLIC_EXECUTION_345348" deckOrderId="83" />
    <CARD name="STAFF_OF_THE_DEATH_MAGUS_350094" deckOrderId="84" />
    <CARD name="GRAVEDIGGER_369532" deckOrderId="85" />
    <CARD name="BLACK_KNIGHT_369530" deckOrderId="86" />
    <CARD name="DIABOLIC_TUTOR_369523" deckOrderId="87" />
    <CARD name="MOLTEN_BIRTH_345259" deckOrderId="88" />
    <CARD name="EARTH_SERVANT_349867" deckOrderId="89" />
    <CARD name="CLEAVER_RIOT_345382" deckOrderId="90" />
    <CARD name="FIRE_SERVANT_348918" deckOrderId="91" />
    <CARD name="VOLCANIC_GEYSER_345365" deckOrderId="92" />
    <CARD name="STAFF_OF_THE_FLAME_MAGUS_350098" deckOrderId="93" />
    <CARD name="VOLCANIC_DRAGON_350225" deckOrderId="94" />
    <CARD name="FLAMES_OF_THE_FIREBRAND_337860" deckOrderId="95" />
    <CARD name="YOUNG_PYROMANCER_369538" deckOrderId="96" />
    <CARD name="ACIDIC_SLIME_349281" deckOrderId="97" />
    <CARD name="GARRUKS_PACKLEADER_350198" deckOrderId="98" />
    <CARD name="ENLARGE_350235" deckOrderId="99" />
    <CARD name="PRIZED_UNICORN_345320" deckOrderId="100" />
    <CARD name="WINDSTORM_345380" deckOrderId="101" />
    <CARD name="STAFF_OF_THE_WILD_MAGUS_345267" deckOrderId="102" />
    <CARD name="BRIARPACK_ALPHA_369522" deckOrderId="103" />
    <CARD name="DUSKDALE_WURM_369524" deckOrderId="104" />
    <CARD name="MWONVULI_BEAST_TRACKER_369533" deckOrderId="105" />
    <CARD name="SWIFTFOOT_BOOTS_348483" deckOrderId="106" />
    <CARD name="LEONIN_SCIMITAR_349366" deckOrderId="107" />
    <CARD name="ELIXIR_OF_IMMORTALITY_345336" deckOrderId="108" />
    <CARD name="CRUMBLING_COLOSSUS_349943" deckOrderId="109" />
    <CARD name="KITE_SHIELD_348513" deckOrderId="110" />
    <CARD name="PHYREXIAN_HULK_345290" deckOrderId="111" />
    <CARD name="AEGIS_ANGEL_349255" deckOrderId="112" />
    <CARD name="DAY_OF_JUDGMENT_357756" deckOrderId="113" />
    <CARD name="HONOR_OF_THE_PURE_349257" deckOrderId="114" />
    <CARD name="INDESTRUCTIBILITY_349259" deckOrderId="115" />
    <CARD name="ANGELIC_ARBITER_349258" deckOrderId="116" />
    <CARD name="MIND_SPRING_345374" deckOrderId="117" />
    <CARD name="DJINN_OF_WISHES_351076" deckOrderId="118" />
    <CARD name="REDIRECT_345292" deckOrderId="119" />
    <CARD name="CLONE_345332" deckOrderId="120" />
    <CARD name="VOID_STALKER_345298" deckOrderId="121" />
    <CARD name="HYPNOTIC_SPECTER_345373" deckOrderId="122" />
    <CARD name="DIABOLIC_REVELATION_345333" deckOrderId="123" />
    <CARD name="NIGHTMARE_349014" deckOrderId="124" />
    <CARD name="RUNESCARRED_DEMON_348964" deckOrderId="125" />
    <CARD name="GRIM_RETURN_369537" deckOrderId="126" />
    <CARD name="AWAKEN_THE_ANCIENT_345255" deckOrderId="127" />
    <CARD name="FIREWING_PHOENIX_345339" deckOrderId="128" />
    <CARD name="DESTRUCTIVE_FORCE_345317" deckOrderId="129" />
    <CARD name="SHIVAN_DRAGON_345355" deckOrderId="130" />
    <CARD name="EARTHQUAKE_348914" deckOrderId="131" />
    <CARD name="PROTEAN_HYDRA_345321" deckOrderId="132" />
    <CARD name="DUNGROVE_ELDER_348462" deckOrderId="133" />
    <CARD name="SILKLASH_SPIDER_345356" deckOrderId="134" />
    <CARD name="OVERWHELMING_STAMPEDE_345319" deckOrderId="135" />
    <CARD name="MIGHT_OF_OAKS_345252" deckOrderId="136" />
    <CARD name="BRITTLE_EFFIGY_345315" deckOrderId="137" />
    <CARD name="JINXED_IDOL_349295" deckOrderId="138" />
    <CARD name="DOOR_TO_NOTHINGNESS_345284" deckOrderId="139" />
    <CARD name="RING_OF_THREE_WISHES_350099" deckOrderId="140" />
    <CARD name="ARCHANGEL_OF_THUNE_345254" deckOrderId="141" />
    <CARD name="ANGELIC_DESTINY_349012" deckOrderId="142" />
    <CARD name="WINDREADER_SPHINX_345276" deckOrderId="143" />
    <CARD name="TIME_WARP_345362" deckOrderId="144" />
    <CARD name="XATHRID_DEMON_345381" deckOrderId="145" />
    <CARD name="GRAVE_TITAN_348929" deckOrderId="146" />
    <CARD name="SCOURGE_OF_VALKAS_345268" deckOrderId="147" />
    <CARD name="INFERNO_TITAN_348935" deckOrderId="148" />
    <CARD name="PRIMORDIAL_HYDRA_351077" deckOrderId="149" />
    <CARD name="GAEAS_REVENGE_345341" deckOrderId="150" />

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Thanks for the help
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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Hello Magnum Marker

    One question how do you open the Save file?
    THX for reply

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Any hex editing program

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    Re: Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

    Quote Originally Posted by Jahck37 View Post
    Any hex editing program
    hxd , if that doesn't work , google

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