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    HELP! Borderlands 2 Mod/Horizon issue

    Hello everyone. I've spent a few days looking for a solution to my issue but can't find it.

    I have Glibbed ver 153 and I'm attempting to mod my Borderlands 2 character.

    I'm using an 8 gig flash-drive. After I save my character to the drive from my Xbox, I remove the drive from it and I open Horizon on my laptop as admin. I then add my drive.

    I can see the game save and I extract it to my desktop. A previous post shows that I should then drag that save back in to Horizon. But when I try to, it wont let me drop it in.

    Your help is appreciated! Thanks guys.

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    Re: HELP! Borderlands 2 Mod/Horizon issue

    Open up your current Borderlands 2 save in Horizon's Package Manager.

    Click the 'Contents' tab, then right click the item in the contents list and replace it with your modified one that you've downloaded.

    I haven't got any images since I don't have any saves on this PC right now but if you need anymore information, I can do so.

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    Re: HELP! Borderlands 2 Mod/Horizon issue

    HA! That was it!!!! Thank you!

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    Re: HELP! Borderlands 2 Mod/Horizon issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Izod00 View Post
    HA! That was it!!!! Thank you!

    One more thing, you can still drag and drop the save in Horizon as long as you don't run Horizon as Administrator.


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