Ok so im writing a simple tutorial for people who want to burn XGD3 backups that work and dont want to use expensive media.
Im sure most of you people have heard of the payload tool that c4e has recently come out with..well if not give it a google and download it.. the software is pretty easy to use.

Dual blank layer disc. Pref +DL "-DL" discs will work also but I have never really tried them
2 Computers I will explain why you need 2 in a second.
IMGBURN installed too 1 of the machines
A DVD burner.. Samsung or liteon preffered but most work with the payload tool.

1.Move your desired backup of a game to your spare computer and share the primary hard drive of the computer that the game is on and map the SPARE computers hard drive on your burning pc so you can access the game files .iso+.dvd from the burning pc (dont have the .iso on the pc that you are burning your games with)
2.Insert your blank media (dual layer disc) into your computer that your going to be burning the games with.
3.Open the payload tool and click BurnerMax. and wait for the Burnermax is enabled.
4.Open IMGBURN and open your .dvd file. you should have your other computers hard drive mapped. locate the files via the mapped hard drive of your other computer over the network.
5. burn the disc at max speed.

thats it your done your disc will burn fine but it will read the iso over the network leaving your computer your going to burn games with just to read the iso from the network rather than the hard drive on the same computer. Normally your disc drive and hard drive are on the same sata controller which can cause some interferrance and distort the signal.. Im not sure of the science behind it but I know it works. and burns faster than 2.4 speed

I have had the best success so far with my own method... try for yourselves