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    Smile Happy Wars Mods?

    Is there any Mods for Happy Wars Thanks.

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    Re: Happy Wars Mods?

    The game info is stored on LIVE servers so no way to mod.

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    Re: Happy Wars Mods?

    So is Minecraft. And every other game on Demand.
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    Re: Happy Wars Mods?

    Quote Originally Posted by zT Rise View Post
    The game info is stored on LIVE servers so no way to mod.
    There is an inventory editor for Minecraft, Castle Crashers has a mod tool, N+ has one, and a few others do as well.

    As for this specific game I'm unsure, but plenty of XBLA games have mod tools.

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    Re: Happy Wars Mods?

    well is there still a way to hack it becuase I seen jtag modder play it the other day and I was hopping there a a not jtag one

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