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    Help with COD4

    I want to be able to host CoD4 lobbies, would be greatly appreciated.
    I have COD4 patch_mp.ff and it installed to my HDD.
    Does anyone have one of the modded default_mp.xex's to use? Or do i not need one? If not how to i infect myself/turn on infections?
    Falcon RGH.

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    Re: Help with COD4

    Nobody has replied to such an easy topic.. Wow.. Well you don't need a modded default_mp.xex to run modded patches. All you need is the patch_mp.ff. If you're wanting to infect yourself with an infectable mod menu, then you do this.

    Start up CoD4 on your jtag, go to System Link, then create a game.
    Start up your retail Xbox, then join the same System Link game.
    On your jtag, just start the infections, then your retail should then be infected.

    It's just a short, simple tutorial, there's obviously more to actually using the menu, but I'm sure you know how to do that..

    Good luck! Happy modding if you have any questions, just comment or message me.
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