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    Horizon on windows 8

    Can someone please make a version of horizon for someone like me who downloaded windows 8 consumer preview I am a huge user and member and would like if you could make it for people like me thanks a lot for this tool.

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    Re: Horizon on windows 8

    Cheater said a while ago he was going to install Win8 and test it out, or whatever he does. But I don't thing he'll release it until Windows 8 is released.
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    Re: Horizon on windows 8

    I had the beta and was running Horizon on it and Horizon ran just fin alittle laggy but nothing anyone can't handle.

    Win8 sucks really, i think it is more for touch screens then anything.

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    Re: Horizon on windows 8

    Well i am now on the Release Preview of Windows 8! What are you on about it is faster then Windows 7 and runs a Metro UI and the same revised desktop, what more can you ask for?

    Anyways i am also having a little problem with Horizon on Windows 8, i have tried running it in compatability mode of Windows 7 in admin and still no luck i get an error of...

    "Xenocode Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition"
    The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component. Please contact the publisher etc...

    Any ideas people?

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    Re: Horizon on windows 8

    I dont think Windows 8 is fully supported.

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