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    Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    [B]The title kind of explains it all. I am creating a savegame editing shop for the members of XboxMB. I created this so that people can get their Call of Duty Gamesaves modded for them, and all they have to do is change the gamesave ID's using Horizon, and load it onto their Xbox 360 Hard Drive or USB. Please look below for more info.

    All you need is a few things:
    • A USB Flash Drive or Xbox 360 Hard Drive and Transfer Cable
    • A Hard Drive, or USB Explorer(Horizon, Xport360)

    Games and Mods
    I can mod savegames for the following games:
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Call of Duty World At War
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
    Call of Duty Black Ops
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

    I can do almost any mod, except for these:
    • Leaderboards and 10th Prestige lobbies(except for World at War)
    • Map Mods(Custom Buildings)
    • Custom Guns and Modded Gun Damage
    • Infections( Except for World At War and Mw2 Special Ops)

    If you want a modded savegame, please reply with this format:
    Game Name
    Save Download Link(Optional, only if you want YOUR gamesave modded)
    The Mods you want
    An Email I can send the gamesave to(you can PM me it if you want)
    Please Note:
    It may take some time to mod each gamesave, depending on the mods that you want,
    The time it takes to mod it, and the fact that I may be busy at the time and I cant get to each gamesave instantly. And lastly, I am not responsible for you going online(or trying to go online) with the gamesaves amd getting banned, and neither is XboxMB

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    I might give it a go.

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    What? Do you want me to take a video?

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    Quote Originally Posted by Nadiacai View Post
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    Quicktime is the default media players from Apple and often works with MOV/QT and other common formats like AVI, MPEG-2/4, DV etc.

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    Iorgsoft Link converter

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    More info: Link
    Thank you that was very informational.


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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    Yes i agree but it has nothing ti do with usb modding

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    Lol! That was to funny! I think we wants you to take a video?? I dont know where that came from. So what kind of mods can you do and what ones do you like and use?

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    I use superjump, super health, unlimited ammo, laser sight, no gun, force dual wield, sometimes fast or slow motion, a bunch of different aimbots, bullet force mods(how much damage the bullets do), nuke bullets, and sone custom dvars i cant remember. If you tell me what ud like i can probably get them, and for waw i can do just about any mod you'd like, even a 10th lobby with infections!

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    what files do i need to send you mate? i wouldnt mind having a ump 45 with max damage and a acr 6.8 with max mobility and fire rate......

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    If you read my post, it says no gun mods

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    Re: Call of Duty USB Modding Shop

    Hey could i please have:-

    CoD WaW (Zombies, Der Riese)

    Save Game (hope it's the right one) - Link

    -10th Prestige
    -God Mode (i think you can only get really high health)
    -Unlimited Ammo
    -High Jump
    -All Guns

    Thanks in Advance

    Edit - PM the gamesave when it is completed, thanks

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