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    Really good with GOW3 stats editor? I can't figure this out!

    Alright, quick back-story, lol...

    My 360 froze two weeks ago while playing Gears 3. I was rank reset, and I lost all my ribbons, medals, mutators, etc.

    I had just reached level 98, and then BAM, all gone. So I'm using Horizon to slowly build my way back up to where I was. I'm not after any medals I hadn't previously earned, no new weapon skins, nothing. Just want my level 98 back.

    So, I've been ranking up about 10 levels every few days, and I play online in between as well.

    Here's what I need help with..

    The Investor medal in Gears 3 is for earning money in Beast. Onyx is earning $1,000,000. Before I lost everything, I had two of these onyx medals.

    Last night when I was looking through my Stats and Awards page, I noticed that somehow the dollar value for my Investor medal BECAME NEGATIVE. It started at negative one million dollars, and as I play Beast online, it's counting backwards towards ZERO.

    I can't find a field in the Horizon Gears 3 stats editor that lets me change the amount of money I've earned in Beast. And I don't want to keep playing online with Beast earnings of negative 940,000 dollars, ya know?

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Have I just been staring at the screen too long, and am missing something incredibly easy?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Really good with GOW3 stats editor? I can't figure this out!

    Can ANYONE tell me how to fix negative quantities for onyx medals that have NO ribbons associated with them?

    Surely someone has an idea?

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    Re: Really good with GOW3 stats editor? I can't figure this out!

    Click the reset button.
    Minus: Goulding

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    Re: Really good with GOW3 stats editor? I can't figure this out!

    Have you tried going back and re-modifying it?

    Try that.. if that doesn't work I would reset you're stats.. then re-mod back up to level 90+ with some legit stats..

    Here is some legit level 100 stats...

    Matches won 2607
    Matches lost 1941
    Matches MVPs 610
    Rounds drawn 270
    Rounds Lost 9898
    Special Events Played 11

    Total Score 2065343
    Kills 61002
    Deaths 20573
    Downs 7845
    Assists 21232
    Revives 933
    Headshots 1099
    Executions 120

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    Re: Really good with GOW3 stats editor? I can't figure this out!

    Influence, thanks for those. I appreciate that!
    To answer your question, yes, I have gone back in and re-edited that onyx medal.
    I've tried setting back to bronze, rehashing and resigning, playing, and still have a negative value. Same thing happens with silver medal, AND gold.
    I just wish there was a field that I could find that would allow me to edit cash earned in Beast.

    BUT, I think I'll take your stats, and next week, plug em all in. I've only worked back to level 76 over the last couple weeks. Trying to take it slowly. Every few days, I'll re-mod and add some, in an effort to get back to where I originally was before my rank reset when my 360 froze.

    Thank you!!

    (And oh boy, it's gonna take me 5 hours to work out all the individual weapon kills for those stats you gave me, based on the weapons I've traditionally favored since I started playing Gears 3. MORE time in front of the PC with my change log!! )

    Thanks again buddy!!

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